3D Laser Printer Desktop Laser Engraver-TwoTrees TT-5.5S

TT-5.5S 3D laser printer is a machine that uses a laser instead of ink to achieve 3D object creation. The more general and popular phrase to the general public is laser engravers and cutters. With powerful and compressed laser spots, 3D laser printers are enabled to cut through or leave trails on multiple materials for amazing design results.

TT-5.5S is a powerful desktop 3D laser printer laser engraving machine using LD+FAC+C-lens technology with 0.08mm compressed laser spot for stronger engraving and cutting capabilities. Its 300*300mm cutting space allows users to process various materials of different sizes and realize their full potential of creation.


Model number: TT-5.5s
Type: Laser Engraving
Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Control board: MKS LKS
Laser wavelength: 450nm
Laser power: 5500mW (LD+FAC)
Engraving Size: 300*300mm
Laser input: AC100-240V
Power supply: 12V 4A DC
Plug: USA/EU/UK/AU Plug (optional)
Accuracy: 0.08mm
Engraving speed: 8000mm/min
Carving method: Computer Online Operation
Interface: USB
File format: .nc/.dxf/.bmp/.jpg/.png etc.
Engraving mode: image/text/scanning/outling/pixel engraving, etc.
Support software: Laser GRBL/LIGHTBURN
Support System: Windows/Mac
Continuous working time: ≤6Hrs
Machine Size: L570*W485*H170MM

Feature Lists of 3D Laser Pritner


Compressed laser spot

Latest LD + FAC compressed Spot technology to obtain more powerful 0.08mm laser spot with more concentrated and higher precision to reduces the engraving time.


Z-axis Lifting Table

With a fixed-focus, the Z-axis lifting table enables lower or raise the height of the laser head (0-40mm) to achieve the best engraving/cutting effect for different materials and heights.


Anti-slip Bracket

Anti-slip foot pad design, easy to install and makes the machine more stable.


300*300mm Engraving Range

300*300mm large carving area, provide enough space for most DIY projects. Without limit of carving height, so you can carve and cut multiple materials as you like.


X-axis belt tensioner

The belt tensioner makes it easier and more convenient to adjust tightness of X-axis to avoid the engraving staggered layer caused by the loose belt and achieve higher accutacy.


Auxiliary Positioning Red Light

The red auxilliary light helps users set the right positioning easily without extra settings.


Fixed Focus Laser

No need to adjust the focal length before engraving. And the new laser offers both the possibility of precision engraving and high-energy cutting functions.

Suitable materials

Suitable forvarious materials such as leather, wood, MDF, acrylic, cardboard, bamboo, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, paper, rubber, sponge paper, etc.


Wide compatibility

Compatible with LaserGRBL, LightBurn or BenBox for Windows, Mac, Linux system. Supports image file formats like NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.

TwoTrees' LD+FAC Engraver VS Other Engravers

Cutting Result Comparison

More Powerful & Efficient

To get a better idea of the difference, we have tested to cut a 4mm wood with single LD of both LD+C-lens and LD+FAC+C-lens technology. Here is a cutting performance comparison image of the different technology. You might also check the left testing comparing images to cut 4mm wood with single LD.

Compared with LD+C-lens technology, the LD+FAC6-+C-lens cuts a deeper depth with clearer & thinner lines and leaves fewer burning trails.

FAC Compressed Laser Beam

More Efficient in Light Transmission

These two technologies also perform quite differently in terms of light preservation and transmission. To prove the difference, we run a test for both technologies. We tested the original LD power and the working power of the most focused laser spot. For LD+C-lens, only 76% of the 5.11W light from LD is efficiently converted into the focused laser spot with a working power of 3.89W.

However, 97.3% of the 5.23W laser light is converted into the 5.09W laser spot through LD+FAC+C-lens technology. It’s obvious that LD+FAC+C-lens has a higher working power and is more efficient in light transmission.


Better Cutting & Engraving Trails

Because of the 0.08mm compressed laser spot which is much smaller than that from LD+C-lens technology, it provides clearer & thinner cutting lines & trails as the left image shows. What’s more, since the light from LD+FAC+C-lens is collimated, the device has the same laser spot size at both fast-axis and slow-axis directions.

The collimated light beam not only preserves more light sources for higher power but also presents well-balanced cutting & engraving lines from horizontal & vertical directions. This might be safely ignored when cutting circles but have a great impact beyond your imagination while cutting a rectangular design. If you have no idea, the left image would remove your confusion.

Engraving & Cutting Materials for 3D Laser Printers TT-5.5S

Engraving & Cuttign Material for 3D Laser Printer
Engraving Works Display
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