What 3D printer use for?


As we all know, 3D printers can print many things. For instance, the more common ones are handmade, toys and jewelry, which is as most know. However, besides these above, the other interesting cases of what 3D printer use for? Today we will talk about some unknown but interesting cases realized by 3D printers.

Film and animation industry

3D printing is also commonly used in animation, movie scenes, and special effects. Realistic scene effects, while facilitating quick and correct scene sonstruction.

3D printer use for Education

The application of 3D printing technology in education is popular. Many colleges and universities are exploring 3D printing technology and teaching and offering 3D printing special courses. In schools, visual teaching brought by 3D empowers lesson no longer boring.

Bones and muscles

At the Wake Forest’s Regenerative Medicine department, researchers have been able to print bones, muscles and ears, and successfully implant them into animals. What’s more, the printed tissue survived and worked after implantation.

3D printer uses for Ovaries

Overcoming infertility is often painful and expensive. But a groundbreaking experiment gives us hope that we may see an innovative new treatment in the future. At Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, a mouse was implanted with a synthetic printed ovary. And surprisingly, the mouse finally gave birth to a healthy baby.


Dinara Kasko, a Ukrainian architect turned pastry chef, earned a reputation on Instagram by publishing photos of her striking geometric 3D printed pastries. And she is not the only one printing food…

3D printer uses for Pizza

Fudini 3D food printer is designed by Natural Machines to create personalized printed food. It can use edible ingredients to print pizza, bean burgers and a range of healthier options.

For Buildings

Russian start-up Apis Cor can 3D print a single-story house in just 24 hours and save up to 40% of the construction cost. Mobile printers build walls by laying concrete mixture. And once the printer is removed, insulation, windows and roofs will be added. Moreover, because the printing device of Apis Cor is moveable, it can print houses on site rather than in the factory.

3D print A boat

The University of Maine achieved a Guinness world record because they 3D printed the largest ship named 3Dirigo with 25 foot and 5000 pound.

For Kayak

Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering created a full-size kayak by 3D printer at home in 42 days, proving that you can create amazing 3D printed objects without industrial kit. The kayak is waterproof and works properly. It needs about $500 worth of materials to make it.

Shape memory materials

4D printing is certainly not as common as 3D printing, but an example shows how it will be used in the future. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have printed flexible silicone materials that can be adjusted when being heated. For example, this can be used to make customizable shoes to perfectly suit the wearer’s feet.

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