6 Laser Engraving Gift ideas for Halloween

Do you want to really surprise someone you love with a personalized gift this Halloween? Laser engraver machine has your back. It is so exciting and amazing thing when you found some devilish items you can do with your own laser cutting machine. Here’s 6 Laser Engraving Gift ideas for Halloween for you, or someone you know that loves using a laser engraver!


If you have a destop laser engraving machine, CO2 laser, or any laser engraver, this is a great list of Halloween inspired laser engraving gift Ideas!

1. Halloween Lamp
Halloween pumpkin light is one of the best decorations for Halloween party celebration!
The lanterns are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your home or office. You’ll need some plywood, LED flameless candle tealights. Of course with an laser engraving machine, your halloween lamp can be customized to any design you like!

2. Skull Pencil Holder
Halloween skull with vile worms.You can create the mysterious pencil holder, add a little hocus pocus to your home office – all the while organizing all of your utensils.

3. Laser Cut Halloween Cards
Everyone loves greeting cards, the unique and fashion design makes it attractive and eye-catching. Or, in this instance, laser-made! From the spider web to the intricate haunted house, a laser engraving machine is a perfect tool to create such unique artwork.

4. Laser Cut Phone stand.
Why not create laser cut phone stand with Frightening design for DIY gift. Halloween laser cut engravement phone stand, will be your best DIY engravement present for halloween.You will can make it by 3mm plexiglass, wood, plywood, plastic, any you like.

5. Laser Cut Halloween Wall art
This project definitely for those looking for something special.You can open your imagination, and create new halloween wall art, and you will love how they look.Add a little spooky to your home decor this season!

6. Laser Cut jewelry
Engraving is simple and quick, but it makes the laser cut jewelry priceless. So special and adorable, Perfect gift for any Halloween lover, besties. You can make the jewlry with Plastic,acrylic etc.

Laser cutter and laser engraved gifts are special way to make meaningful and unique presents for friends and loved ones.If you love using a laser to create unique Halloween gifts, share this so that the people around you have some awesome Halloween gift ideas to get you too!

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