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Who wins? The Review of The TwoTrees Halloween Creative Show

In order to stimulate the internal creativity of TwoTrees, we held the first TwoTrees Halloween Employee Creativity Show from. In the form of pictures or videos, Halloween related works produced by 3D printing or engraving were all welcomed and displayed in the community (specially established by the company), and finally the most popular work would be rewarded by voting. The competition gained a positive response. Some people turn their creative

Notification Of Product Management

Dear TwoTrees users, In order to standardize all product of TWOTREES, please be informed that the official models of TwoTrees 3D printer and laser engraving machine will be adapted as follows: The notification will effect from 23th October 2021. Kindly note that this management has no impact on existing products and services. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if it brings any inconveniences. Shenzhen TWOTREES Technology Co., LtdOctober 23th, 2021


Dear TwoTrees users, Due to the development of all aspects of TWOTREES, please be informed that we are changing our Sapphire series 3D printer name from SAPPHIRE to SAPPHEIROS, that is Former name: Sapphire Plus New name: Sappheiros Plus; Former name: Sapphire Pro New name: Sappheiros Pro. The change will effect from 20th October 2021. Kindly note that this name change has no impact on Sappheiros existing products and services

Chinese National Day

Happy Chinese National Day 2021!

Holiday notice — 2021 Chinese National Day Please note that our company will be closed for the National Day from 9.30 until 10.4. Normal business will resume on 10.5. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holidays bring any inconveniences. For any sales enquiries and supports, please leave message and we will response it asap once we resume work. Hope you have a nice day!


Formnext Shenzhen 2021: The Review From TwoTrees

Formnext is a leading industry platform for additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing. September 11th, it had a perfect ending with over 15,000 m2 of space and more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services. Over 16742 visitors have already experienced the buzz and excitement of this physical event and attended a good proportion of the 80 seminars comprising the supporting program. Our outstanding 3D printers and laser engravers,

Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2021!

Holiday notice Please note that our company will be closed for the Mid-Autumn Festival from 9.19 until 9.21. Normal business will resume on 9.22. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holidays bring any inconveniences. For any sales enquiries and supports, please leave message and we will response it as soon as possible once we resume work. Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival!


GIVEAWAY TIME! Be the first one to own TS3 machine

TwoTrees plans a giveaway competition on September 18th on the Facebook and Instagram official pages. If you are interested in this giveaway competition, please click this link to enter our pages: Facebook: Instagram: The rules are explained below: Click the link to jump to the specific activity page. There are 10 items to get points. Each time you make corresponding operation as it notes, you will get 1

TwoTrees Video for Formnext 2021: What we showed on it?

TwoTrees’ journey to Formnext 2021 has a perfect ending. At this exhibition, we not only announced our newest laser engraving machine TS3 for the first time, but also efficiently promoted and displayed our brand image to people from all walks of life. In addition to TS3, we also brought BLU-3 V2, SP-3, SP-5, TT-5.5, TT-5.5S and BLU-5. The different part from the past is that, this year, a young lady


New Enclosed Laser Engraving Machine——TS3

Now We Reveal The Answer: The One WHO Perfectly combines the housing with the filtering system. On September 9, 2021, TS3 finally showed its true face at Formnext Exhibition and every major social media of TwoTrees. As a desktop LD+FAC laser engraving machine, it perfectly combines the relatively small-size housing with the environmentally friendly filtering system. Design process and story of TS3 This design is special due to the pursuit


Desktop Laser Cutter TS3 – Your Ultimate DIY Cutting Solution

Why We Build TS3 Desktop Laser Cutter? There has been many questions been asked, researches been conducted, discussions and meetings been held before TS3 officially hit the market to ensure every detail meet users’ expectation and could make laser cutting easier. According to information collected from our current clients and users, some are frustrated about lasing cutting for some obvious reasons: Some government requires proper enclosure for laser cutters accoriding

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