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The Cost of Laser Cutter: How much should I pay?

Compared with most other cutting techniques, cutting and engraving projects with laser are more precise and cleaner. And it requires less deburring or finishing after cutting, though this also depends on the materials you cut. Prices or costs of laser cutter vary greatly owing to the various design, type, and performance of laser. A new laser cutter may cost from $200 to $1,000,000. Therefore, it is significant for you to


3D Printing Warping- 10 Tips to Prevent 3D Print from Warping

3D printing warping is one common issue with FDM printers since it uses thermoplastic filaments as materials that tend to change forms at different temperatures. If users overlook the importance of proper settings and actions to avoid warping, there is a big change their prints would fail due to deforming. In this post, we have a detailed explanation of what causes 3d print to warp and list 10 easy methods

Which laser cutter & engraver to buy

Which laser cutter & engraver to buy?

As laser cutting and engraving technology keeps developing, the technology has been widely used for industrial production, commercial service providing and DIY projects. Thus which laser cutter & engraver to buy has become one most frequently asked questions for beginners. Before we find an ideal cutting & engraving machine, it’s important to have some basic knowledge of different laser cutter & engraver types in the market. Laser Cutter & Engraver

Can you make money with TS3 laser cutter & engraver

Can you make money with TS3 laser cutter & engraver?

Since the invention of the first working laser in 1960, laser cutting technology has evolved so much and developed into a market with 2.8 billion US dollars annual turnover and 8% year-to-year growth rate. Can you make money with TS3 laser cutter & engraver? The answer is clearly “yes” with no doubt and the laser cutting & engraving business is for sure one profitable and promising business for entrepreneurs. However,

Materials To Engrave Or Cut

What’s LD+FAC+C-lens Technology for Laser Cutting & Engraving?

The most common technology used for consumer laser cutting and engraving machines is LD + C-lens. In LD+C-lens, light emitted from a semiconductor laser (LD) would be focused into a narrow laser beam with the assistance of a C-lens to realize cutting and engraving. In many cases, it would do the job well, but for challenging materials and projects, it requires more advanced technology to get the more focused and

Are laser cutter and engraver safe to use (1)

Are Laser Engravers & Cutters Safe to Use?

Are laser cutters or engravers dangerous? Are laser cutters and engravers safe to use? These are the two most frequently asked questions by the community. Safety issue seems to be a major concern and reason to turn down laser cutting and engraving machines for those who are new to such devices regardless of the fact that the global market keeps increasing at an annual growth rate of 8%. Though laser

Why I Should Buy A Laser? Why I Need A TS3?

Have you ever thought about buying a laser? Laser engraving/cutting technology is becoming more accessible to craftspeople and fabricators all around the world, allowing a new generation of makers to have plenty of options for realizing their DIY ideas and manufacturing projects. Although laser machines can now be rented and operated by almost anybody, the transparency of how these machines actually function and what steps are required to operate one

What’s The Definition of Laser cutter? What can TS3 do?

Are you looking forward to DIY laser cutter/engraver kit plans or coming up with an idea to buy an affordable laser engraver? Laser engravers aren’t new technology, but much like 3D printers, prices have crashed to the point where they’re now affordable for DIY enthusiasts. Here are some information for you to know as a laser engraver beginner in this field.   What Is A Laser Cutter? —— Definition First

How do laser cutters & engravers work

How do laser cutters & engravers work?

After years’ improvement, diode laser cutters and engravers have developed from a DIY tool into a professional tool for commercial and industrial production. The reasoning behind this is that diode laser cutting and engraving technology works for multiple materials, offers decent cutting and engraving performance, saves lots of money for initial investment and is much easier to use. To realize its full potential, it’s really important to understand how laser

FDM 3D Printer Definition & How Does It Work

What is FDM 3D printer?How do FDM 3D printers work? — Simply Explained with Anatomy & GIF Images

What is FDM 3D printer? FDM is short for fused deposition modeling. As one most popular additive manufacturing technology, FDM 3D printing refers to the manufacturing process of adding thermoplastic materials layer by layer to create three-dimensional objects in accordance with a computer 3D modeling file. The FDM 3D printing technology was first invented by Scott Crump in 1988 who then founded the “Stratasys” company in the next year and

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