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Why We Build TS3 Desktop Laser Cutter?

There has been many questions been asked, researches been conducted, discussions and meetings been held before TS3 officially hit the market to ensure every detail meet users’ expectation and could make laser cutting easier. According to information collected from our current clients and users, some are frustrated about lasing cutting for some obvious reasons:

  1. Some government requires proper enclosure for laser cutters accoriding to local safety reguration, but there are very limeted options for users to choose (off course some users just want the enclousure for personal safety);
  2. Most current enclosed laser cutter is with CO2 technology which is known for its high costs and difficulty to get idea laser focus for cutting;
  3. Most current enclosed CNC laser cutters only cut through 3mm polywood, some may even take 2-3 cuts to get it cut through;
  4. Most current laser engraver in market needs complicated installation and it’s not that user-friendly for entry-level users.

Due to above reasons, TwoTrees teams decide to build one handy laser cutter with safey oriented design and better cutting performance. That’s the reasoning before every detail of TS3, the safest and most powerful DIY laser cutter we ever built.


A Quick Look at Some Outstanding Features of TS3

Customer Oriented Design – Keep All Simple & Easy

The complicate settings and installation process of CNC laser cutters closed the door of DIY fun to many DIY enthusiast. Bear this in mind, we try to keep everything simple and easy for users to play around.

1st: The laser engraver is packed and delivered to end users as fully assembled cutting machine. No extra work required to set up the device. Users could plug in power connector and start enjoying the fun of creation.

2nd: The knob switch on the backside of laser engraver enables uses to choose betwen “Normal Printing” and “Rotating Printing” model. The rotating model is perfect the cut or engrave object with curved surface for perfect engraving result.

CNC Desktop Laser Cutter Honeycomb Workign Table

3rd: TS3 is also packed with a honeycomb working table for more airflow and faster & better cutting performance. The honeycomb table along might cost over $60 in market.

4th: With fully metal enclosure, users could be Immersed in creation without worrying about laser cut or burn your table.

5th: Still observing lasing process with big goggles? TS3 is with transparent observation window which would filter all harmful blue light and enable your friends and childen witness the magic of creation happening by your side.

Compact Enclosed Desktop Laser Engraver

6th: Compared with most similar laser engraver connected with USB cable or memory card, TS3 allows users connect directly with your mobile phone via WIFI. Users could also download cooresponding APP to draw a design on mobile , engrave photo or design file from mobile, or manager the engraving process on mobile.

Desktop Laser Engraver App

Safest Home DIY Laser Cutter & Engraver Ever

Safety is always the one major concern for laser engraving or cutting. As some projects could take over half hour or even more time to get finished, users have to watch out by side the whole process. To solve this issue, we used few advanced designs and features that never be used in similar DIY laser cutters to set users free from safety concerns.

1st: The built-in infrared fire detector & alarm system would send fire alarm which could be heard 50 meters away once any flame found. Thus even if you are occupied with other matters and have to leave the working field, flame or fire could be stopped in time.

2nd: The intelligient chip is designed to shut down and stop operation when any flame detected to avoid flame developed into fire.

3rd: Laser cutting & engraving could be a pleasant experience without smell and dust fill up your workshop. Our fully metal enclusure can not only contain fire to avid fire disaster in urgent but also keep your house clean.

4th: The laser engraving machine is also with cooling funs and ventation system. The cooling funs is utilized to keep the laser head at configured temperature. The ventation system would suck all smell and dust produced during cutting into one tiny box to be filtered with activated carbon pad which could be reused after explosure under sunlight.

Best Value Laser Cutter

1st: Compared with most laser cutters in market which could cut through only 3mm polywood, TS3 is design with 10W LD+FAC focused laser beam with powerful penetration to cut through 8mm ploywood easily with no extra efforts.

2nd: The most available enclosed laser cutters are with CO2 technology which is usually with higher costs, fragile to carry & store and complicated to use. There has been cases CO2 laser cutter users spent about half a month adjusting laser beam but got nothing in the end. TS3 deliverys compact handy solution to users with entry level or professional background with most favored price.

Is TS3 the Right Desktop Laser Cutter for You?

TS3 is designed for both beginners and professional experts on laser cutting. It’s designed as handy DIY tool kit for beginner but with professional leve of performance. If you are one of following users, TS3 would be a must-have cutting machine:

  • DIY enthusiasts
  • Laser cutting & engraving service provide with own workshop
  • Factories need laser cutting for some small parts
  • Others
Desktop Laser Engraver Specifications

If you have any questions or need to learm more about this laser cutter, please click & visit or product page and use the contact button to reach us.

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