Diy Laser Cutting Machine Desktop Home Laser Cutter – TS3 Demo Video


This DIY laser cutting machine demo video of TS3 presents a overall design, functions and highlighted features of this desktop laser cutter. Take 1 minutes to find out how to boost your business in an easy way while enjoying DIY.

DIY Laser Cutting Machine TS3 – Ultimate Desktop Laser Engraver for Home Use

A Quick Look at TS3 DIY Laser Cutting Machine

  1. Fully assembled cutting solution delivered to your hands without extra work to set up the device;
  2. A compact DIY box set that could be easily placed on your workshop table or study room;
  3. Clear and simple design with solid metal housing for durable use.

Highlighted Features

Easy to Use

To enable more DIY enthusiasts enjoy creation and business owners to boost their business and brand awearness, we try to keep it simple and easy to use in whole designing process.

1st: Get rid of whole assembling process and delivery complete cutting solution to your hands. Open package, plugin the power connector and you could start off cutting.

2nd: Switch cutting model with single knob: the knob swith on backend allows users change cutting model between normal cutting and rotating cutting (for curved object like wine bottle ) with single click.

3rd: Design & configure cutting on mobile phone, much fun to play around. Compared with most laser cutters in market which connect via USB cable or memory card, TS3 also supports connect mobile phone via wifi signal. You could uploaded photo from your mobile photo gallery, design and configure cutting settings directly on mobile.

4rd: Packed with honeycomb working table and rotatory module to save your business budget. The honeycomb platform enhance airflow and make cutting easier. Rotatory module enables you to cut curved object.

Safety Oriented Design

Safety is also one important concern for DIY laser cutter users as massive heat would generate during cutting process. Thus we pay special attention to safety and recognized safety as top concern in initial designs.

1st: We add flame detector and fire alarm system into the desktop laser cutter to enable users noticed the fire if any.

2nd: The system would also shut down automatically when flame detector find any flames thus users have enough time to put off fires before things getting worse.

3rd: We air filter and ventation system allows smell and toxic gas be exhausted into our filter box with activated carbon layer for further processing.

Technical Data

Enclosed DIY Laser Cutting Machine Parameters
DIY Laser Cutting Machine

You might check and check more information on this DIY laser cutting machine.

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