10 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make At Home


If you are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, you are coming to the right place. To express our appreciation and gratitude to all fathers, we just held a giveaway contest in our Facebook group for DIY gifts for fathers. We have seen so many amazing and aspiring gift ideas from our community members. You could also check all the ideas and details on our Facebook group.

10 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make At Home

There are many Father’s Day gift ideas on the website but personalized gifts always stand out among all options. However, many might be scared away by the idea of making your own customized gifts as it involves lots of work. In fact, not all customized gift ideas require a lot of DIY experience or skills and some of them could be easily made at home. In this post, you will find out some of the top gift ideas that you could make at home and how to make them. Keep reading and I believe you would find some helpful information in the post.

LED Glow Acrylic/Glass Message Board

The perfect combination of light and color could create the most amazing artworks and gift ideas in the world. The LED glow message board made by Jure Antic could be one of the best Father’s Day gifts. Jure used transparent glass with a black coating for laser engraving, a few RGB LEDs to make this amazing board, and simple letters to express her love for her father. The idea is simple and does not require much creativity but is a perfect gift idea to build at home.

Wooden Wine Box Gift Sets

The wine box made by Sebastian Barinec is one of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas. The idea is simple to include the favorite liquor and drinking into one gift box. It’s built with wooden boards and you might also try to make some customization to the box and include whatever you believe to be the most valuable and best gifts to your father.

Wine Box Father's Day Gift Ideas by Sebastian Barinec
Wine Box Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Sebastian Barinec

Personalized Laser Engraved Tumblers

Laser engraved tumblers are among the top gift ideas not for personal gifts but also for laser business. The personalized tumblers created by Bradley Woodard are great examples of getting the personalized message delivered with laser technology and creative ideas. It does not require advanced skills and expertise and could be one of the best choices for your first gift projects.

Laser Engraved Tumblers by Bradley Woodard
Laser Engraved Tumblers by Bradley Woodard

Game Box

The Dice Grimoire created by Ben Blackwell as he mentioned is “an all-in-one dicebox for DnD and role-play gaming. I call this the Dice Grimoire. They’re made to look like a book even.” Most of the time, my father was busy with his work and those board gaming time could be the most luxurious and valuable memories of my childhood. Ben’s game box just brought back all the treasurable moments and could also be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my father and family. Apart from this, the game box is of clear and simple design and it’s a good project to start building even for DIY beginners.

Dice Grimoire Game Box by Ben Blackwell
Dice Grimoire Game Box by Ben Blackwell

Photo Decoration Board

Oliver Moser’s decoration board of Palomo is one of the best projects I have ever seen from a laser engraver. The decoration board is made with a white tile painted black for engraving with a 5W diode laser machine and coated with resin after engraving. Nothing special but the details are extremely delicate and the Puppy seems to be about to jump on you the next moment.

Cigarette Box

The cigarette box made by Jure Antic is another simple but helpful gift idea for the father. The box is built with 3mm acrylic sheets and the mechanism is pretty simple. This could be an irresistible gift for smokers and for a father, this could be a present to carry around every day and show off to every friend.

Wall Decoration LED Photo Set

Wall decoration artwork could be one of the top Father’s Day gift ideas. The LED photoengraving set made by David Rays shows what exactly defines a good gift. Photoengraving is always considered the best solution for personalized gift ideas as photos could easily recall others’ feelings and important memories. The gift might be very cheap in price but the emotional value could be far beyond the costs.

Photoengraving Gifts

Except for wall art, photoengraving is also an easy tech to create many other gift ideas. The color engraving photo by Kai Deschno is an example of a decoration board full of memories. You can expand the photoengraving ideas to gifts like a wallet, a watch,  a wall clock, etc.

Photo Engraving by Kai Deschno
Photo Engraving by Kai Deschno

Cutout Thank You Card

The easiest way of showing your gratitude to your father is a thank you card. Your sincere words are worth more than any valuable gifts. Even a plain thank you card could be a gift to keep for whole life. The cutout thank you card by Todor Ivanov is made with wood board and a creative mind. The design is simple and clear but has all thoughts and gratitudes presented clearly.

Cutout Thank You Card by Todor Ivanov
Cutout Thank You Card by Todor Ivanov

Personalized Trophy

Instead of any gifts, a best-dad trophy could be the best recognition for all the hard work your father has ever done to raise you. The Best Dad Ever trophy made by Sebastian Barinec uses the most common wood as materials to create this amazing gift.

Best Dad Trophy by Sebastian Barinec
Best Dad Trophy by Sebastian Barinec

How to Make A Personalized Gift for Father At Home?

Though the above gifts could be made at home with a laser engraver machine, it requires some practice and time to experience the learning curves. Don’t worry about it, it would be easier than you think and we have organized a step-by-step guide on how to make a personalized gift for a father at home in this post.

Step One: Decide which gift to make

The first decision you might need to make is which gift to make for your father. Everyone might have totally different answers to the same questions and here are some factors to consider.

  • Does your father have any hobbies? Favorite movies, sports, stars?
  • What are your skills and knowledge?
  • What materials/tools/resources are available for you?

Step Two: Find Design Files for Your Gift

Though you have found the perfect gift ideas, it’s important to find the right design files to match your gift ideas perfectly. If you are a creative designer, you might create your own unique designs. Most of us have to source free or paid designs on the internet. Fortunately, there are many websites offering hundreds of thousands of designs on different topics that you could choose from. You might find our full list of laser engraving and laser cutting design files download websites in our previous posts. Following is a comparison sheet of these websites.

Website Costs File Format File Quantity Registration
https://3axis.co Free BMP, CDR, DXF, DWG, PDF, STL 20,000+ Not required
https://laser-templates.com Free & Paid AI, CDR, DXF, EPS, PDF, SVG 5,000+ Not required
https://www.thingiverse.com Free AI, BMP, CDR, DXF, PDF, STL, SVG 4,000+ Not required
https://www.librarylaser.com Free & Paid AI, CDR, DXF, PDF, SVG 1,200+ Required
https://3dsvg.com Free & Paid SVG 740+ Required
https://www.freepatternsarea.com/free-projects Free DXF, DWG, EPS, PDF, PNG, STL, SVG 200+ Not required
https://www.ponoko.com/free-laser-cutting-files-templates Free EPS, PDF, SVG 200+ Not required
https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/?language=en Free AI, DXF, G-code, PDF, PLT, PS, SVG, SVG_Ponoko 200+ Not required
https://www.vecteezy.com Free AI, EPS, JPG, PDF 10,000+ Not required
https://www.makerunion.com Free DXF 230+ Required
https://www.etsy.com Paid AI, CDR, DXF, EPS, PDF, SVG 63,000+ Not required
https://sofontsy.com Paid SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS 100,000+ Required
https://thehungryjpeg.com Free & Paid DXF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG 100,000+ Required

Step Three: Convert The Design File to Readable One to Laser Cutter Machine

For laser engravers, most image files would be readable for the machine. However, laser cutting usually requires vector files. AI, SVG, and CDR are some of the most common vector files. The vector files provide information about a distinct path with lines and coordinates that the laser machine should follow, thus they are not affected by the resolution and their sizes can be adjusted infinitely but appear clear and crisp. Therefore you need to use some image editing software to convert your design to the vector files before cutting.

Step Three: Get The Right Laser Engraver Machine for Your Gift

Choosing the right laser engraving machine is as important as choosing the right design file for your gift project. Before making any purchasing decisions, it’s essential to be sure about your purchase of buying a laser engraver. Is it for your personal hobby? Or your business? What are your specific needs? If you have already figured these out, you might start considering the following factors:

  • Laser Power: instead of input power, laser power is the determining factor in the true capacity of your laser engraver.
  • Precision: Does your project require extra details?
  • Engraving Size: What’s the minimum or maximum requirement for your gifts?
  • Safety Settings: When dealing with laser machines, safety could be of the top factors to consider.
  • Support Materials: Make sure your engraved materials are included in the material list.
  • Size & Weight: Does the machine take large space to set up? Is it difficult to be relocated?
  • Extra Features: Some extra features could be a bonus to add extra value to the device.

Step Four: Import Configuration File & Run Tests & Calibration Settings

Laser engravers are not really plug-to-play toys and require some calibration before your first cutting or engraving. Fortunately, we usually include a configuration file in our TF card to send to users. So users won’t need to test every setting and could use our pre-set configuration to start their first project. However, in some rare cases, users might still need to run a few tests and calibrate settings after importing the configuration file.

Step Five: Start Engraving & Cutting

After everything is set up, it’s time to start making your first gift. It’s highly recommended to prepare some extra materials so you can run a few test cuts to make sure you get the optimized result and performance. Once you are satisfied with the results. you can now start working on the gifts prepared for your father.

The engraving and cutting might take a few minutes or hours depending on how large and complex your projects are. It’s important to wear a protective glass during the process and make sure the machine is attended to avoid any fire hazards. It would be better if you could build an enclosure for your laser engraver with a proper ventilation system to exhaust all dust and smoke out of your house.

Step Six: Post-processing

Just like 3D printing, laser engraving projects also require some post-processing work. One most popular post-processing work for engraved or cut projects is painting. If your gifts are in multiple colors, you might need to get every part paint before the final assembly. You might also cover and mask parts does not require painting while painting other parts.

What’s the Best Laser Engraver & Cutter Machine for Your Gift Ideas?

A proper laser engraver machine could save you a lot of trouble and time. To bring your Father’s Day gift ideas into reality and create the most amazing gifts at home does not require an expensive laser engraving and cutting machine for the job. There are many consumer DIY laser engravers with great product features and alluring price ranges in the market. If you want to make gifts of smaller size and take safety seriously, the TS3 enclosed laser engraver could be a very good choice for your project. If you are an advanced user that needs some extra features for the gifts, our latest TS2 would be the best laser engraver & cutter machine for your gift ideas. Following are some reasons why TS2 is the best tool for you:

Laser Engraving Machine
Laser Engraving Machine

1st: 10W Laser Power

The most important feature of a laser engraver or cutter machine is the power settings for the laser. Laser power is different from the claimed power for the machine. If you search the internet and will find many diode laser machines claimed to be 40W or 100W, in fact, these are the input electric power settings instead of the working watt of the laser. Most diode laser engravers, especially the consumer-lever DIY engravers, are of 5W laser power. TS2 on the other hand is 10W in laser power settings that enable TS2 to cut through 8mm Plywood with a single cut. A higher working power enables TS2 to engraver or cut much easier and faster. It also means that more materials and thicknesses could be dealt with by this machine. If your projects involve many hard materials with more thickness, TS2 could be the perfect tool to try.

10W Power Diode Laser Cutter
10W Power Diode Laser Cutter

2nd: 0.01mm Laser Accuracy

Compared with most desktop laser engravers with 0.1mm accuracy, TS2 utilizes the advanced LD+FAC+C-lens technology to get a 0.08mm laser spot with an accuracy of 0.01mm. What’s more, instead of generating lights with different spot sizes in the vertical and horizontal directions, the unique technology enables the laser to produce a laser sport with 0.08mm in both vertical and horizontal directions. Due to this unique technology, TS2 provides a thinner, clearer line with fewer burning trails.

Laser Cutting Engraving Etching Work
Laser Cutting Engraving Etching Work

3rd: 450mm*450mm Engraving Size

Compared with our previous laser engravers with 300mm*300mm engraving size, TS2 is designed with a larger engraving space of 450mm*450mm to deal with projects of larger size. The open structure design also allows the machine to work on objects beyond this dimension. And for most DIY projects, this size would be far beyond demands.

4th: Maximized Safety Settings

We are always putting safety at the top of our concerns while designing new laser engraving machines. Except for TS3, TS2 is the safest device for home use as we have added multiple safety settings while designing the machine.

Firstly, the machine is designed with a flame detector and emergency stop switch. The flame detector allows any flame to be found before turning into a fire hazard. The emergency stop button allows users to turn off the machine immediately when anything wrong with engraving or cutting.

Secondly, the machine is designed with an auto-turn-off function. When the laser module remains at the same position without movement for over 10s, the laser would be automatically turned off in case the heat accumulates at the same spot and causes fire. This could effectively prevent fire hazards caused by software and hardware malfunction. What’s more, the laser head would automatically turn off when the machine is tilted (flipped or dropped) at an angle of more than 15°.

Maximum Safety Design
Maximum Safety Design

5th: Versatile

TS2 is also a versatile device that supports materials including wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless steel, chevron, acrylic, glass, etc. It’s also a powerful tool for engraving, cutting, and etching. It works with LaserGRBL and Lightburn and the former is free software with basic features and the latter is paid software with advanced features and functions.  No matter whether you are a user of Windows systems or Mac systems, you could always find the right software to control and run the device.

Support Software
Support Software

6th: Extra Features

Apart from the above features, TS2 is also with some extra functions to enhance users’ experience with the machine.

1st: Offline Operation

The 32bit chipset provides offline operation and control function via WIFI connection. You can run the laser machine either from your mobile phone APP or your laptop web application. Apart from a WIFI connection, the machine also supports operation from a TF card and USB data cable connection to a computer.

2nd: Auto-focus Design

The machine uses probes to detect the distance between the engraving surface and the laser module and automatically adjusts the focal length to a pre-configured value in laser software for optimized performance. You can set the different focal length values for engraving and cutting on software before operating.

Auto Focus Design
Auto Focus Design

3rd: Air-assistance

The air assistance system is considered one important tool for laser machines, especially for laser cutting. The air assistance would be pre-built on the laser module with an air tube as an accessory. Users could source an air pump per reference or wait for our air pump to be launched to the market.

Final Thoughts

Bring your own Father’s Day gift ideas into reality and making your own gifts at home could be a pleasant experience and great achievement for individuals. With the right tool and guidance, this could be a challenging but amazing journey to take. If you get any gift ideas or tips to share with us regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email.

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