3D FDM Printer

3D FDM Printer



Brilliant printing effect by professional equipment,favored by makers.

XYZ linear rails

Classic X,Y and Z axis CoreXY structure with linear rails to boost printing speed

Front maintenance cover

Removable front maintenance cover makes maitenence and installation easier

Consumer 3D Printer

Large printing area

300*300*350mm large-scale printing space to meet demands for various projects


Well built metal frame and strong structure ensure higher precision and stability

Various materials

Work for various materials including PLA, ABS,PETG,Wood,etc.

Exquisite Materials

Black metallic frosted appearance and ponderable materials

CoreXY 3D Printer Twotrees Sappheiros Pro High Resolution Professional Cube 3D Printer



Best value 3D printer with more avcanced configuration & higher cost performance.

Strict quality control

Silent drive

Silent drive minimizes the noise and ensures stable & smooth printing

Consumer 3D Printer

Core-XY structure

The CoreXY structure guarantees more stable, high-speed operation

Touch screen

Sensitive touch colored screen is easy to operate and make quick response

Continuous printing

Smart power detector and CI enable resume printing after power recovery



Updated model based on BLUER model, pretty suitable for ascensive players.

Personalized teching aids could be of much fun and ease with BLU-5.

Large printing area

300*300*400mm large-scale printing space for most projects.

Double Z-axis

More stable operation with double Z-axis

Transparent extruder

Transparent dual drive extruder, offers real time view of feeding process

Automatic leveling

Linear rails for XYZ axises to achieve more stable automatic leveling

Large 3D Printers


BLU-3 V2

BLU series is highly recommended DIY 3D printer for beginners to explore.Visual teaching empowered by 3D tech has become lessons expected everyday by children.

Strict quality control

Mute drive

Mute drive enables silent operation and less resistance while printing

XY-axis tensioner

XY-axis tensioner ensures
convenient & smooth leveling

high precision 3d printer

Dual drive extruder

Double drive extruder with strong extrusion says NO to jamming up

Twin turbine fan

Twin turbo fans speed up cooling process and makes printing safer

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