Wes Hamstra

I think this is a great laser. I really like the fact that it has this protective lid on it to protect your eyeballs. it has the fume extraction to protect your lungs, and I can comfortably have my kids in here while I’m laser engraving and the screen here. it’s awesome that I don’t have to have my computer plugged in it does come with Wi-Fi ,and you can use your phone to operate it. You can do everything from that screen that you could do on your phone.

Now that’s pretty amazing and it is super awesome that it comes with a rotary roller. Most of the open frame laser engravers that is a feature that you have to buy afterwards, and sometimes they can be quite expensive… so it’s awesome that it comes included with this.

Riccardo Muscarella

Hi guys i’m Riccardo. I will introduce you to a new laser engraver it is the TS2 of the two trees guys it is a real gem.
I start this video with this expression this there are lasers in fact equipped with a laser module. From 10 watts wifi automatic z axis adjustment is a decision area of ​​450 x 450mm amazed me! Because he managed to cut a 15 mm piece of wood with just a few steps, and managed to give me a burn-free cut beyond.

As many other companies have seen that now, the cnc market has moved from printers and 3d to lasers, or better than that the lasers have exceeded the interest shown up to now on 3d printers in terms of buyers’ interest, so obviously they can give better and better performances and always better cutting-edge quality and accessories but that allow us to exploit them much better than before and above all with exceptional results today…


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