GIVEAWAY TIME! Be the first one to own TS3 machine



TwoTrees plans a giveaway competition on September 18th on the Facebook and Instagram official pages.

If you are interested in this giveaway competition, please click this link to enter our pages:



The rules are explained below:

Click the link to jump to the specific activity page.

There are 10 items to get points.

Each time you make corresponding operation as it notes, you will get 1 point.

Among them, joining our FaceBook official group, or following our Intagram, youtube, etc. are the basic items.

Plus, you will get one point every time you share the link. And there is no limit for this operation.

If you shop in our Shopify, you will get SECRET CODE and be rewarded 5 points!

The friend with the highest score by the deadline of the activity will win and get the TS3!


Start at 12:00 on Sept 18 (GMT)

End at 23:59 on Sept 28 (GMT)


Two trees

Two trees

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