10W Powerful Hobby Laser Cutting Machine TS2 for Advanced Users

TS2 is a powerful laser cutting machine designed for advanced users with a variety of amazing features to enhance the DIY experience for advanced users.

  • 10W Laser Power: The extra power settings enable cutting and engraving for more materials and thicknesses.
  • 450mm*450mm Engraving Size: The larger engraving size makes sure creators handle larger-size projects easier and faster.
  • Air Assistance System: Built-in air assistance system prevents burning traces from ruining your artwork and projects.
  • Cut 8mm Plywood: Its powerful laser makes it possible to cut through 8mm Plywood with a single cut not to mention thinner materials. 

Laser Cutting & Engraving & Etching Works form Two Trees Community Members

TS2 is not only a powerful laser cutter but also a versatile tool for engraving and etching on a variety of materials from wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless, steel, chevron, acrylic, glass, etc. If your projects involve different materials and sizes, TS2 would be a great choice to handle meet your needs. Following are some works on all kinds of materials from Two Tree community members.

How Does TS2 Work?

Why Choose TS2 Laser Cutting Machine?

10W Laser Power

TS2 combines the lasers from two separated 5W diodes into one powerful 10W laser for extra cutting and engraving abilities..

Laser Engraving Projects

Ultra-fine Details

The 10W laser power and advanced LD+FAC+C-lens technology enables the machine to creat works with extremely fine details.

Auto Power-off Function

Auto Turn-off Settings

The laser head would automatically turn off when the machine is tilted at an angle of more than 15° (tilted, flipped, or dropped) by a gyroscope. It will increase the safety of the machine.

450mm*450mm Engraving Size

TS2 is with an ultra-large engraving area of 450mm*450mm which enables users to work easily on skateboard or object of larger sizes.

Auto-focus Design

The laser cutter uses a detector prob to test distance and allows the device to auto focus to pre-set focal length with single click on software.

Y-aixs Double Belt Design

The Y-axis stepper motor is at the middle position with two timing belts to ensure faster and more smooth movement of the Y-axis to provide better performance while cutting or engraving.

0.01mm engraving accuracy

0.01mm Accuracy

Advanced LD+FAC+C-lens laser technology provides a cutting accuracy up to 0.01mm, and get much cleaner, thinner, smoother, deeper cuts.

Emergency Stop Button

Top-Notch Safety Design

The laser cutting machine is designed with a flame detector, fire alarm, protection cover and emergency stop buttonfor maximized safety.

offline operation

Support Offline Operation

Built-in ESP32-DOWD-V3 chip, 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, high-speed dicing, support LaserGRBL, and LightBurn software.

Specification Sheet

Laser Power 10000mw Electrical Requirement 24V 4A DC
Engraving   Accuracy 0.01mm Laser Wavelength 445±5nm
Engraving Speed 10000mm/min Motherboard DLC ESP32(32bit)
Engraving   Size 450mm*450mm Machine Weight 6.5kg
File Format NC、BMP、JPG、PNG、GCODE etc Machine Size 733*721*172mm
Supported   Software LaserGRBL(Windows) / Lightburn(Universal) Software Support Languages Chinese, English, Italian,   French, German
Engraving Materials Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Bamboo, Sponge Paper, Alumina, Stainless Steel, Chevron, Acrylic, Glass, etc.
Engraving   Mode Image   carving/Text carving/Scanning carving/Contour carving/Pixel carving
Engraving Method USB Cable \ APP \ Web Application on Wireless Computer \ Touch Screen(Optional)

Material Lists with Recommended Settings

Plywood (1MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 1000mm/min 100%
Plywood   (2MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 900mm/min 100%
Plywood   (3MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 700mm/min 100%
Plywood   (4MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 500mm/min 100%
Plywood   (5MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 300mm/min 100%
Plywood   (8MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 150mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (1MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 500mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (2MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 400mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (3MM) Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 150mm/min 100%
Pine Board 7.0mm Engraving 2000mm/min   30%
Cutting 150mm/min 100%
Pine Board 9.0mm Engraving 2000mm/min   30%
Cutting 100mm/min 100%
Paper 0.1mm (Darker Color) Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 4000mm/min 100%
Paper 0.3mm (Darker Color) Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 2000mm/min 100%
250g/sq.m Kraft Paper Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 2000mm/min 100%
3mm Cardboard Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting 800mm/min 100%
Leather 0.7MM Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 2000mm/min 100%
Non-woven Fabric (0.5mm, darker color) Engraving 6000mm/min   15%
Cutting 2000mm/min 100%
Dust-free Cloth (white) Engraving X
Cutting 150-200mm/min 100%
Gauze Engraving X
Cutting 500mm/min 100%
Plastic Plates (In darker color) Engraving 6000mm/min   40%
Cutting X
Acrylic 5mm Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting 150mm/min 100% *2
Tinned Wire Engraving X
Cutting X
Cobblestone Engraving 6000mm/min   100%
Cutting X
Ceramics Engraving X
Cutting X
Coated Metal Engraving 6000mm/min   50%
Cutting X
Electroplated Metal Engraving 1000mm/min   100%
Cutting X
Anodized Aluminun Engraving 6000mm/min   20%
Cutting X
Stainless Steel Engraving 3000mm/min   100%
Cutting X
MDF 3mm Engraving 6000mm/min   60%
Cutting 150mm/min 100% x2
Paper Angle Bead 5mm Engraving 6000mm/min   60%
Cutting 100mm/min 100% x2

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