Adjustable & Portable Laser Air Assist Pump Kit Laser Air Compressor for Laser Engraver and Cutter Machine

The laser air assist pump kit is specially designed for laser engraver and laser cutter machines to get optimized engraving and cutting performance.

  • Easy to use: the portable air pump kit is with a simple design and could be set up within minutes.
  • Powerful & adjustable airflow: the rotary switches enable users to adjust pressure and airflow as per requirement for different projects.
  • Wide compatibility: the laser air assist pump kit is compatible with multiple devices from different suppliers.
  • Simple & Durable Design: the air pump kit uses solid materials and includes all parts to install the air assist system to your machine within minutes.

Why Laser Air Assist Pump Kit Is Essential for Laser Engravers & Cutters?

The air pump kit improve laser engraving and cutting experience and results in many ways and has become an essential tool for laser machines. It removes debris and ugly black or yellow remains on edges, increases speed to save your time and materials, and adds more safety for users. You may also find how it works in our post of “Ultimate Guide On Air Assist for Laser Cutter & Engraver

Air pump kit performance comparison

How Does The Air Compressor Kit Works?

The air compressor kit is easy to set up and use even for newbies. The air pump would suck in the air and flow into the air tube after being given proper pressure as adjusted with the rotary switch. The air tube is also well aligned and protected by the cable chain carrier and led to the air nozzle to blow off all debris while engraving and cutting.


The unique air-assist cover enables users to add the air assist system easily to the laser module and provides a tiny nozzle for strong airflow. As the air nozzle is already aligned aside from the laser spot, users don’t need extra calibration for the output angle. The rotary switch provides direct adjustment to air output and pressure for different materials, thicknesses, and engraving settings.

Air Assist Pump Kit Accessories Accessoriest Accessories

What Included In the Laser Air Assist Pump Kit?

  1. Air Tube
  2. Air Pump/Compressor
  3. Reducer Pneumatic Fittings and Silicone Tube
  4. Control Valve
  5. Protective Cover
  6. Blow Block
  7. Power Adapter

Basic Figures

Size L175MM*W66MM*H80MM Weight 1.28KG
Color Black Material Aluminum Alloy
Air Output 10-30L/MIN Air Speed 3.3-3.5M/S
Power 12V 36W Compatible Focal Length 20-30MM
Compatible Device TWO TREES TOTEM/TTS/TS2
A5 Pro, S9, S6 Pro
Master 2 Pro S2-SF
Master 2 S2-SF
Reizer 20W, LE400PRO, L5, LE-1

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