TwoTrees 3D Laser Cutter & Laser Engraver



DIY Enclosed laser cutter with most powerful penetration and highest safety standard for DIY laser cutting & engraving at home.

Strict quality control

Powerful Penetration

Compared with most similar laser engraver cutting through 3mm polywood, TS3 can cut through 8mm polywood easily

Safest Deisgn

With flame detector & alaming system, dust ventation & filter system, and auto shut dowm design when flame found.

high precision 3d printer


High quality 10W LD provide focused laser beam with strong penetration for perfect cutting & engraving performance.

Customer Oriented

The laser cutting machine is designed to keep everything simple and easy to use and enable everyone enjoy fun of DIY.



Compact laser cutter work continuously for 12 hours. More materials can be engraved such as acrylic board and stainless steel. Super strong laser is able to cut 5mm-thick plywood at one time.

Strict quality control


Focused laser beam provides a printing precision of 0.08mm

Strong penetration

Strong laser focus provides stronger penetration to make engraving easier

Z-axis module

Fixed focus laser with lifting Z-axis module to get idea laser focus

Right angle positioning

The locator with right angle positioning infrared ray helps set position quickly

Laser Cutter Totem-s



DIY laser engraver reserved extra pins on motherboard for individual customization and exploration with open-source tool kit. 

Meet your basic needs for engraving and cutting.

Strict quality control

18000 hours

Up to 18000Hrs working time for the laser LED

Avoid overheating

Equipped with a cooling fan to avoid overheating

high precision 3d printer

High intensity laser

Compressed laser spot to provide clearer and more accurate trails

Firm structure

The structure is very firm with double screws and back buckle

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