Linear Rail 3D Printer SP-3 Desktop CoreXY 3D Printing Machine with Dual-gear BMG Extruder

【Linear guide】SP-3 is a linear rail 3D printer that provides faster and smoother motion and reduces friction and vibration to make printing preciser.

【CoreXY Structure】CoreXY structure makes printing faster with higher accuracy.

【Dual-gear extruder】Dual-gear extruder to provide larger extrusion force and guarantee smooth feeding.

【High Precision】CNC machined XY axis mounting groove is employed for higher-precision printing precision.

Linear Rail 3D Printer SP-3 Desktop CoreXY 3D Printing Machine

SP-3 is a desktop 3D printer with linear rail for both X-axis and Y-axis. The linear rail system provides smoother and faster motion with less vibration for higher resolution printing.

It is also a CoreXY 3D printer with an open structure that prints faster with higher precision.

Its full metal frame and base makes SP-3 a solid machine with stable, lasting performance.

Its optional auto-leveling and reserved WIFI module enable users to add extra features to the printer to get optimized printing results.

Feature List for CoreXY Linear Rail 3D Printer SP-3

Linear Rail 3D Printer

Linear Rail System

Provide faster and smoother motion and reduce vibration to make printing more precise.

touch control screen

3.5 inch Touch Screen

Highly sensitive touch screen ensures fast response and getting expected printing results.

Quite Printing

Quite Printing

Silent drive is utilized to obtain higher efficiency and stability, better noise reduction and less resistance.

CoreXY Structure

CoreXY structure makes printing faster with higher accuracy.

turbo fan

Twin Turbofans

Twin turbofans are employed to speed up the cooling and solidification of prints.

resume printing function

Resume Printing Function

Smart interruption and power detection design to enable printing start over once power recovered.

Wide Application

Wide Application

Support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, Wooden Filament and more.

Dual-drive Extruder

Dual-gear Extruder

Dual-gear extruder to provide larger extrusion force and guarantee smooth feeding.

Linear Rail 3D Printer

Filament Sensor

If the filament runs out or breaks, the sensor would send timely warning and a reminder to replace with new filaments.

  • Model: SP-3
  • Number Of Nozzles: 1
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
  • Molding Platform Size: 220*220*220mm
  • Printing Accuracy: ±0.1-0.2mm
  • XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.0025mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Printing Method: TF card / online printing
  • Display: 3.5" Color Touch Screen
  • Machine Speed: 10~1000mm/s
  • Printing Speed: 20-200mm/s
  • Max Extrusion Head Temperature: 260℃
  • Max Hot Bed Temperature: 100℃
  • Support Filament: PLA/ABS/PETG/Wood etc.
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Software Format: STL、OBJ、JPG
  • Print File Format: Gcode
  • Power supply: 220V/110V 360W
  • Operating System: Windows, MAC
  • Support Software: Repetier-Host, Cura
  • Machine Size: L405*W380*H466mm
  • Machine Weight: 11.5KG
  • Package Weight: 14KG

linear rail 3d printer corexy 3d printing machine

CoreXY Printer Specifications

Touch control Printer

3D Printed Model 3D Prints Auto Leveling 3D Printer 3D Printer with Enclosure Details Bottom Base Power Supply Filament 3D Prints

1) User Manual

English Manual | Russian Manual  | German Manual

2) Firmware

Please visit our download page to download firmware for your printer.

3) Drive


4) Slicer

Cura | Repetier-Host

5) TF Card Files


6) Testing Files


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