How to Make Money with a Laser Engraver Machine

Do you want to know how to make money with a laser engraver machine?

I guess you might be interested in laser engraving machines to start small business at home. After all, there are so many different things that can be engraved, paper, wood, bamboo, plywood, pine plank, etc.

As a laser engraver, you can carve out a niche for yourself in your local community and be your own boss at home by laser engraver business. There are many opportunities to make money, and it is very much profitable.

All you need is a best laser engraver machine desktop for diy creations, We will offer some business ideas to you.

Laser Engraving Business Ideas

There are two main ways of making money with a laser engraving:

Offering laser engraving service, you receive orders from customers on how they want their products to be engraved.

Selling engraved products, for example:Engraved rings, necklaces, mobile phone cases, unique gifts. You offer readily engraved products for customers to choose.

In the former, when you decide which laser engraving services to offer, think about your target market. For example: Corporate, Commercial.

If you choose to provide corporate services, you’ll be looking at engraving bulk orders such as plaques, medals, awards and stationeries.

If you choose to offer laser engraving service, then you would need to invest in a laser engraver.

What Can I Engrave and Sell?

There are so many different items that can be engraved by laser engraving machine.

Customized objects and gifts: you can engrave a name, logo, picture, title or anything else. There are many customized products to choose, such as hats, wallets, mobile phone cases&covers, watches, and so on.

Customized items can be used for gifting. It is an excellent idea to present customized objects on birthdays and special events. Moreover, companies also present their employees and visitors with customized gifts for the sake of promotion. You might get orders from companies and corporate giants to make customized items for them. They use customized bags, cups, pens and other items as gifts.

Which laser engraving machine should I buy?

The first thing you should to have a best desktop laser engraving machine for small business. Here I will recommend this safest enclosed laser engraver TS3 engraving size of 300*200mm by two trees.

This is a smart and affordable desktop laser machine for beginners and small businesses.  Two Trees focuses on laser engraving and 3D printing technology, creating easy and handy solutions for every maker to unleash their creativity and take full advantage of technology. TS3 engraver empowers the user to engrave and cut materials with high accuracy and speed.

The fetures of the laser engraver TS3:

  • TS3 is one of the safest desktop wood engraving machines for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Its latest LD+FAC+C-lens technology brings deeper, thinner, and evener laser trails for users.
  • Lasers from 2 units of 5W laser head are compressed into one powerful 10W laser for faster and easier engraving and cutting.
  • Its unique enclosed design provides extra protection for users and gets rid of all complicated installation works.
  • It’s a compact 3-in-1 laser marking/engraving/cutting machine for both personal hobbies and commercial application.
make money with a laser engraver machine

Laser engraving is really a great and profitable business, and users can earn money by making products through engraving and selling them online. It is an easy and quick way of earning that can start from your own home and with a little investment. Beginners can start making money by laser engraving machine from their homes. We have also some other laser engraving machines to help you in making the best decision to start, click here.

Also, you can read this ultimate guide about laser engraver if you are beginner, this guide will help you understand everything about laser engraver to help your engraving journey.

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