Motherboard Description and Trouble Shooting

The main function of the motherboard is to transmit various electronic signals, which is one of the most basic and important parts of the machine. Each part of the machine is connected and controlled through the motherboard.

On it there is the circuit system of the machine such as capacitors, resistors, etc. When power on, the current will pass through the chip, and then the motherboard identifies the hardware and functions according to the system.

In a word, the motherboard functions like a human’s brain. After sending out preset instructions, the machine will operate accordingly.

Mainboard Instruction

 The after-sales problems that you may have:

  1. Card slot cannot be inserted or fix TF card: Add a TF card module or replace another motherboard.
  2. High voltage static electricity leads the motherboard unavailable: Replace another motherboard.
  3. Sequence error or limit switch wire causes the main board to trigger short circuit protection: Replace another motherboard.
  4. Fail to connect to printer with USB:


  1. The “CH340” driver file needs to be downloaded on the computer so that the computer can directly connect the printer via USB ( “CH340” driver is downloaded from the TF Card );
  2. When the driver is unable to work, the processing method is:
    • aYou can try other ports of the computer;
    • Try another USB line to check if there is something wrong with it;
    • Reinstall the driver.
      5. Burn due to poor wiring: Please ensure that each wiring is correct before use.

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