Air Assist Pump For Laser Cutter

The air assist pump for laser cutter is designed to get optimized engraving and cutting performance for laser machines.

  • Easy to use: the portable air pump kit is with a simple design and could be set up within minutes.
  • Powerful & adjustable airflow: the rotary switches enable users to adjust pressure and airflow as per requirement for different projects.
  • Wide compatibility: the laser air assist pump kit is compatible with multiple devices from different suppliers.
  • Simple & Durable Design: the air pump kit uses solid materials and includes all parts to install the air assist system to your machine within minutes.



What’s An Air Assist Pump for Laser Cutter?

An air assist pump is basically a system to blow high-pressure air onto the contacting position between laser light and engraved surface to get rid of the ugly black and yellow burning marks. It consists of three major parts. The air pump sucks in air to pump to add proper pressure to the air. The air tube is used to lead the airflow to the air nozzle. The last part is the air nozzle to jet the air onto the contacting area where the laser machine is working on the materials.

Why Is Air Pump Kit Essential for Laser Cutter?

An air pump kit could help a lot to improve cutting and engraving performance in many ways and here are three major functions of an air pump kit:

  • Improve performance: with an air assist, you might see visible improvements on cutting edges and you no longer need to worry about the waste of materials.
  • Increase speed: An air assist not only delivers clearer and better edges but also increases the working speed and saves your time.
  • More safety: Its high-pressure air would effectively blow away combustible by-products and waste heat to reduce the risk of fire caused by the debris.

You could also find more detailed information on Air Assist for Laser Cutter & Engraver.

Air Assist Pump For Laser Cutter
Air Assist Pump For Laser Cutter

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