CNC Wood Engraver & Cutter Twotrees Compact Portable Multifunction CNC Engraver for Home

Twotrees CNC 3018 Pro Desktop CNC Wood Engraver Cutting Machine

  • Mini portable design a perfect household  DIY tool kit to play with
  • Workable with multiple materials including plastic, PVC, wood board,etc.
  • With a printing area of 300x180mm
  • With a new two-wire 4-phase stepper motor. 1.3A 0.25N.M
  • Pre-assembled base, a doddle to set up



CNC Wood Engraver & Cutter Twotrees 3018 CNC Cutter for Home

Twotrees CNC 3018 is one compact desktop cnc wood engraver and cutter designed for home and small business.

  • The cnc engraving machine is only 42*35.5*28cm in size. Its compact design allows it being set up on desktop easily.
  • Though with mini portable design, the wood engraver provides a printing area of 300mmx180mm, enough for most DIY and mall business projects.
  • As one multifunctional DIY tool, it intergrates engraver and cutter into one machine to meet demands for different project requirements.
  • A wide range of materials could be easily engraved and cut with this engraving machine including: plastic, PVC, wood board, and other soft materials.
  • The advanced two-wire 4-phase stepper motor enable users to achieve better and more accurate engraving results.
  • With pre-assembled base, the wood cutter is a doddle to set up.

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