DIY 3D Printer Twotrees BLU-3 V2 High Resolution Budget XYZ 3D Printer

  • Twotrees BLU-3 v2 3d Printer Diy Kit With Dual-gear Extruder
  • Large Print Space for DIY projects: 235x235x280mm
  • 3.5-Inch Color Touch Screen Faceshield
  • Smart material and power failure detector



BLU-3 V2 DIY 3D Printer High-Resolution Budget XYZ 3D Printer

Twotrees BLU-3 v2 is one professional DIY 3D printer with extra-large printing space. It’s easy to operate and the best budget DIY 3D printer kit to choose.

Following are some highlight features of this 3D printing machine:

  • BLU-3 v2 is designed with a dual-gear extruder to provide a large extrusion force to achieve fast and smooth feeding.
  • Its twin turbofans speed up the cooling process and avoid unnecessary damage to the circuit board thus it’s much safer to use.
  • The mute leveling drive makes less noise, provide more stable operation condition,  higher efficiency and better performance.
  • The built-in smart material and power failure detector enable the printer to resume printing at an interrupted position after replacing material or power recovery.  
  • The optional WIFI module allows users to operate the 3D printer at a remote place and check the printing process.
  • CNC machined XY axis mounting grooves guarantee precise positioning and better results.
  • New die-cast tensioner Quickly adjust the belt tightness, convenient and fast, strong hardness, high durability
  • Automatic leveling Reserve 3D/BL Touch automatic leveling device structure (optional)

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DIY 3D Printer
DIY 3D Printer

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3D Printer
3D Printer

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Desktop 3D Printer

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3D Printer Base

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Smart 3D Printer

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