Enclosed Laser Engraver Twotrees New Arrival TS3 Safetest Super Powerful 10W LD+FAC Laser Cutter with Smoke Filter

Twotrees TS3 is among one safest & most powerful DIY wood laser cutter in the market.

  • Compared with laser engraver from competitors’, TS3 easily cut through 8mm plywood instead of 3mm;
  • Integrated fire detector, fire alarm system, smoke & dust ventation and filter system to provide safest operation environment;
  • Enclosed metal structure with observation window to filter harmful blue lights allows share the fun of DIY with friends and family;
  • Fully assembled machine enable users plug to start work without extra installation.
  • Extra Large Cutting Area: 200mm*300mm



Enclosed Laser Engraver Twotrees New Arrival TS3 Safetest Super Powerful 10W LD+FAC Laser Cutter with Smoke Filter

Twotrees TS3 is the safest and most powerful enclosed laser engraver we ever built. It’s designed for entry-level DIY enthusiasts but provides industry-level cutting performance. For more detailed information, please click and check our product page.

Here are some quick features that make TS3 your ultimate choice for your DIY projects:

Super Powerful

Its 10w laser power enables TS3 to cut through an 8mm plywood board easily. Compared with its market rivals that only cut 3mm plywood, TS3 makes impossibles possible.

Set Your Hands Free

TS3 is designed to be connected not only by memory card and USB cable but also by WIFI. Users could also manage the project with the corresponding APP on mobile.


To ensure every user could enjoy the fun of creation without worrying about safety issues, TS3 is built with the safest configurations in the market.
The fully metal enclosure and observation window which filters harmful blue light enables friends and family members to witness the magic happening without wearing goggles.

The integrated fire detector & alarm system, smoke & dust ventilation filter system, and smart design of auto shut down once fire detected make laser cutting safer than ever before.

Easy to Use

The laser engraver is fully assembled with no extra installation work.

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