Large 3D Printer Twotrees BLU-5 Professional Dual Drive Extruder DIY Printer for Beginners

TWOTREES BLU New Upgraded from BLU-5

Dual-driver extruder 3D printer with faster and more accurate printing

Filament run-out detecter to display the material remaining statue

4.3 inches color touch screen

Large printing space: 300*300*400mm


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Large 3D Printer Twotrees BLU-5 Professional Dual Drive Extruder DIY 3D Printer for Beginners

BLU-5 is the latest dual-driver extruder large 3D printer upgraded from the popular Bluer model. It’s with higher aesthetic value and cost performance compared with other printers of I3 structure design. Apart from its clean design, here are some outstanding features adding much value to this model:

  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Auto-leveling with 3D touch
  • 4.3 inches color touch screen
  • Double Cooling fan
  • Power Resume printing function
  • Automatic space adjustment function
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Portable removable main control box
  • Double z-axis runs synchronously
  • Automatically adjust spacing kit to reduce vibration
  • Transparent dual drive extruder

Highlights for Twotrees BLU-5 3D Printer

  • Adaptive pulley block (patented design): Automatic adjust and laminate aluminum profile, to avoid the decrease of printing accuracy caused by shaking.
  • PEI magnetic steel film: Printing with great adhesion; Owing to the high elasticity, you even can take the model by bending the file.
  • Power Resume printing function: The memory system of the machine starts to function so that after the restoration of power, the machine can continue from the last step, which is conducive to reducing unnecessary waste.
  • Skylight Design: As convenient as the skylight of the car, we can check the situation of the motherboard while printing with the front maintenance cover, thus we don’t need to turn over the heavy machine.

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