SOS: About Cooling Fan And How To Deal With Its Noise!


Both printer and engraving machine have cooling fans, which are mainly used to dissipate heat.

Principle: Electrically driven device for generating air flow. After the rotor is powered on, it rotates and flows to cool down

Function: Cool down the motherboard, cooling block and chassis

Possible After-sales Problem:

① The cooling fan is damaged or noisy

② The fan fail to rotate (a. The port is not turned on; b. The fan is damaged; c. Open circuit)

③ Rotate too fast (Fan with wrong voltage)

④ The machine fail to work due to short circuit of the fan

Cooling Fan Noise (Abnormal Noise)

Possible Cause:

  1. Use the fan with inappropriate voltage
  2. The oil in the fan is dry
  3. The fan blade is pressed by screws, resulting in jamming and noise

The Position of cooling fan:

  • In the 3D printer:

There are 2 fans at the bottom of the chassis, including one for cooling the motherboard and chassis and the other for the mains.

There is a fan in the front of the extrusion head. And there are turbine fans on both sides. The noise of the front cooling fan may be caused by the overtighting screw which will suppress the rotation of the fan blades.

  • In the engraver:

The laser head of the engraving machine is also equipped with a fan. If there is noise, the solution is as follows: You can first check which fan makes noise, and then provide the video to our customer service for confirmation.

Note: You need to turn off the other well-operated fans and only take the vedio of the fan with problems, so that we can confirm the problems as soon as possible and reissue the corresponding fans to you.

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