Formnext Shenzhen 2021: The Review From TwoTrees


Formnext is a leading industry platform for additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing. September 11th, it had a perfect ending with over 15,000 m2 of space and more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services.

Over 16742 visitors have already experienced the buzz and excitement of this physical event and attended a good proportion of the 80 seminars comprising the supporting program.

Our outstanding 3D printers and laser engravers, exquisite models, mysterious gifts, and unique booth designs have attracted numerous customers.

“As an emerging 3D printing manufacturer in China, TwoTrees left a remarkable impression at this exhibition, attracting many experts and exhibitors to visit and inquire,”Ouyang Zijia, General Manager of TwoTrees, remarked.

TS3 First Show

At the exhibition, we revealed our latest laser engraving machine TS3, which is the most striking part of this time. TS3 has lots of impressive advantages and customer-centered humanized design, which we have introduced precisely in this article:

“We come for desktop 3D printer, but now we are attracted by engraving machine. We would like to buy one to have a try.” said a visitor, a college student.

What’s on?

In this exhibition, we brought 10 machines, including the SP series, BLU series, and TT series.

Classic forever, Seeking speed instability——SP series. With the Core-XY molding method, SP-5 and SP-3 are equipped with the latest transmission structure——linear rails of each axis. And that ensures the mute operation while working at high speed, meeting the customers’ high-quality requirements.

Exquisite and flexible, Simple but extraordinary——BLU series. BLU-3 V2 is light in weight and convenient in operation so that it is highly recommended for beginners to explore 3D printers. In education, BLU-5 has a larger printing size and 3D touch, making teaching aids more convenient and personalized.

Burndown eternity, Laser engraver——TT series. To decorate, to assemble, to produce, you can do anything you imagine with TT series. Especially with TT-5.5S, its compressed spot laser allows more materials engraving.

Additionally, the different part from the past is that this year, a young colleague called Amber showed the exhibition and introduced TwoTrees machines to us via camera. The video is here:

Our professional staff there warmly served visitors and shared every detail that they would like to know.

What do We expect?

With the concept of “Intelligent manufacturing” and “Household use”, we are on a mission to enable more people to realize their creativity.

As a technology company, TwoTrees was born in Shenzhen, China’s city for innovation, in 2017. Today, its businesses are comprised of desktop 3D printers, laser engravers, CNC carving machines, filaments, resin, as well as and related accessories, which attain global reach.

We promise: we will always stick to our original intention and deliver more intelligent and life-oriented products to millions of families.

You might find more information on Formnext exhibition on 3Dnatives.

Two trees

Two trees

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