Desktop Engraving Machine TS3 Reviews by OverVolt

Recently,  OverVolt released a video of desktop engraving machine TS3 on YouTube.  OverVolt is a YouTube influencer sharing interesting items and has 171K followers.

At the same time, the audience also focused their attention on the TWO TREE TS3 laser engraver. Maybe this isn’t just a review…OverVolt said: I didn’t expect it but it’s a bomb! This completely closed laserone could really be the turning point, to cut small pieces of wood without getting intoxicated with fumes.

It is one of the most versatile laser wood engraving machines that supports laser etching, laser engraving and cutting for multiple materials. This desktop laser engraver TS3 is also one of the safest DIY laser engravers with all necessities you can imagine for your engraving projects. The packed rotary roller enables 360-degree cylindrical engraving, honeycomb workbench provides structural supports, and enclosed housing brings extra protection. All these features that cost extra budget in other laser machines are included in TS3.

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