Two Trees TS3: One Year Anniversary Celebration

Since 2021, Two Trees TS3 laser engraver machine has been recognized as a master engraver at home that offers an experience and fantastic like no other. From black version (standard) to blue version (with rotary), no matter performance, safety or appearance, TS3 is welcomed by the majority of users love and praise, annual sales of over 3000 units, sold to over 20 countries overseas. The TS3 laser engraver can really engrave what you want.

In 2020, with the concept of as a master engraver at home, we started to design, produce and sell TS3 laser engraver. So far, we can be proud to say: TS3 is a Top-Notch Safety laser engraver, Less to worry,More to engraving, one knob – maintain versatility and efficiency. Super high performance: LD+FAC+C-Lens technology, making the edge cleaner and tidier. Don’t worry, more support for your work, including Light burn/LaserGEBL and many of your favorite file formats, even you can operate it through your phone. Last, As we all know, whatever materials, TS3 can help you transform your ideas and give you a full sense of security, so that your creativity can not stop. Facts have proved that, with excellent cost performance and friendly assembly, we have won praise and support from makers and DIY enthusiasts all around the world. We will never satisfy with what we have achieved.

TwoTrees has always championed and created a fully free design lifestyle. Our Mission is to bring safe 3D printing & laser engraving technology and product to every person, home and organization for a fully possibility of creative world. We hope to be able to reawaken, regain and reappear that brilliant innocence.

Two Trees TS3 One Year Anniversary Celebration 5

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