TwoTrees SK1 CoreXY 3D Printer

The SK1 is the latest high-speed 3D printer from TwoTrees. Unlike our SP series, the SK1 is the next generation and higher level of 3D printers, with a maximum print speed of 700 mm/s and the first Z-Tilt auto-leveling feature on the market, making the SK1 a one-of-a-kind 3D printer product.

1. 700mm/s max print speed: Up to 700mm/s, and the recommended speed is 300mm/s.

2. Z-Tilt auto-leveling and mesh bed compensation: the heated bed is tilted to leveling by three Z-axis motors, and 36-dot ABL secondary compensations are also available. There is no need for hand leveling. 

4. Automatic Calibration: including flow calibration, vibration compensation, and vibration pattern optimization.

5. KLIPPER firmware: faster, more stable.

6. Near-range dual-gear direct drive.

7. Larger printing size: 256*256*256mm

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TwoTrees SK1 3D PrinterTwoTrees SK1 3D Printer

Click to download the SK1 camera installation tutorial

SK1 3D Printer FAQ

SK1 3D Printer

1. After unpacking, please remove the corresponding fixation of the XYZ axis according to the instructions to avoid damage caused by forced movement of the machine.
2. Confirm whether the voltage gear of the machine is matched before starting the machine to avoid damage to the machine power supply due to the mismatch of the voltage gear.
3. The printer has 110VAC / 230VAC and other high-voltage power interfaces. Do not use any other power cord other than the one provided. Use approved power cords and sockets to ensure power cords are not damaged.
4. Do not place the printer in a large vibration or other unstable environment; the machine shake will affect the printer print quality. It is recommended to place it in a well-ventilated and low-dust environment to avoid overheating the machine.
5. Risk of scalding: Do not touch the nozzle or hotbed when the printer is working to prevent high-temperature scalding. After printing, timely using the residual temperature of the nozzle to clean the consumables up on the nozzle with the help of tools, and do not touch the nozzle with your hands directly during cleaning to prevent scalding.
6. When the machine is running, please stay away from the parts in operation and avoid poking your fingers or other objects into the inside of the running printer to prevent injury.
7. Adult supervision: ensure that children do not have access to the machine, so as not to cause personal accidents.
8. Do regular product maintenance: regularly in the case of power failure, use a dry cloth to clean the printer body, and wipe dust and bonded printing materials; please lubricate and maintain the guide rail regularly.
9. In case of an emergency, please turn off the power directly.

SK1 is shipped as a complete machine; after receiving the machine, you only need to remove the six fixed parts and then install the frame and screen for the machine yourself, and you can start using it!

  • Product size: 400mm X 400mm X 400mm
  • Working range: 256mm X 256mm X 256mm 

1. After zeroing, the machine will be calibrated (screen XY zeroing and Z-axis zeroing are separate)
2. The website has XY zero, Z-axis zero, all zero, and Z-axis tilt adjustment of several options
3. The Print calibration screen will have calibration options when you choose to print, you can choose not to choose

A detailed tutorial included on the USB

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