TwoTrees SP-5 V3 High Speed CoreXY 3D Printer

This is the upgraded version of SP-5, called the SP-5 V3 high-speed 3D printer. TwoTrees SP-5 V3 has a max printing speed of 350mm/s, which is 6 times faster than SP-5. 

1. Faster printing Speed: This printer boasts an impressive printing speed of up to 350mm/s, which is six times faster than SP-5, allowing for quicker project completion.

2. Double linear guide: Its full sheet metal structure with a double linear guide ensures safe and stable printing progress, resulting in higher printing precision.

3. Filament sensor:  The built-in filament sensor automatically detects and alerts users when the filament runs out or breaks, saving both time and materials.

4. Resumption of printing function:  In the event of an unexpected interruption in the printing process, the printer can resume printing from the last position after being switched back on, preventing the wastage of filament.

5. User-friendly color touch screen:  The 3.5-inch color touch screen provides a user-friendly interface with multilingual support (Chinese, English, French, and Italian), making operations easy and accessible.

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