Two Trees TS2 10W Diode Laser Engraver Review

What is the TS2 10W Diode laser:

Two Trees TS2 10W Diode Laser Engraver, is a professional laser engraver with unique and advanced technology that combine lasers from two 5W diodes into 10W output.  Its price and characteristics make it a high-end machine usable by both professionals and personal. It is also noticeable for the autofocus laser in Z axis that will not require any manual adjustment and provide optimized engraving and cutting result.

Laser Engraver TS2
( Laser Engraver TS2 -Two Trees )

TS2 Laser Engraver – Characteristics:



Laser Power


Electrical Requirement

24V 4A DC


DLC 32 bit

Engraving speed


Engraving method

USB/APP/Online/Screen Operation/WIFI

Software Support System

Mac; Windows; Linux

Laser Wavelength


Engraving Size


Machine Weight

6.5 kg

Engraving material

Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Chevron, Acrylic, Glass …

Machine size


Engraving mode

Image carving/Text carving/Scanning carving/Contour carving

File format


Support Software

Support Software

Software Support Language

English, German, Italian, French, Chinese

Package Size

76 x 23 x 34.5cm/30 x 9 x 13.7in

Package Weight


Operating led


Spot diameter




Focal length

50 mm

Focal adjustment

Automatic and manual

Limit sensor


Offline controller

Via mobile application/ Web Interface

Emergency stop button


Flame sensor


Motion sensor


Air Assist


Control via mobile application



Protection eyes glass; Test consumables


±2 hours


At cardboard opening we found 3 solids boxes that contain the different components of the laser engraver. The boxes contained pre-assembled parts with modular design (about 60% of the final machine) and almost all the components were sealed in plastic bags for protection purpose. All the required tools for the installation are provided as well as several consumables (wood, glass, dog tag, acrylic, leather and protection eyeglasses) for engraving or cutting trials. A complete illustrated user manual is provided in English, German and Chinese, adding French should have been a plus in my opinion, but the pre-assembled modules and illustration at each step are sufficient. You can also find online video that could assist you for the assembly.

I appreciate the high quality and finishing of all the components especially the extrusion made with anodized aluminum.

Assembly & Design:

For experienced users it takes one hour of assembly and about 2 hours for beginners. I strongly recommend to the unexperimented users to take the time to fully read the manual before starting the assembly and to be extremely vigilant during the building process.

Once assembled the structure is extremely stable and rigid et is aesthetically pleasant with the mix of grey and red color. With its large dimension of engraving 450 mm * 450mm and its height, the machine requires a suitable worktop and enables users to work easily on a baseball bat, skateboard, or object of larger size. I personally use it in a dedicated room ventilated.

The TS2 Laser engraver by TwoTrees is powered by a motherboard Makerbase MKS DLC 32, a safe bet on the market. The power input (24 volts) is located sideways in conjunction with a USB port and a MicroSD card reader. It offers a pre-equipment Air assist with a pressure adjustment on the nozzle. The new Y-axis motion structure design ensures it stable and synchronized operation, suitable for high-speed movements. Equipped with XY axis tensioner which adjusts and tightens the timing belt by the tensioning pulley to improve the precision of the movement. It also possesses a gyroscope; a flame prompt alarm and an emergency stop switch button. Nothing is left to chance and the safety of the user has been strengthened as the ease of use.

Lastly, the TS2 stands out for its innovative aspects, especially with the end stop sensor and new type of focusing system that will be discussed later.

First use:

And here the most exciting part: how to tame the beast?!

The machine could be used in main mode via USB-PC/MAC controlled and the usual software: Lightburn or LaserGRBL. Other utilization mode is possible due to the motherboard Makerbase MKS DLC 32, the card incorporates a WIFI circuit that allows remote control through a web-interface, or a Smartphone application called MksLaser. For my point of view the set-up is quite technical and I prefer to use the USB mode. Models and profiles are provided in the micro-SD card.

For the tests, I used both the one the micro-SD and some personal ones; all of them were designed with Lightburn software and were performed on different material as acrylic, glass, mirror, tiles; wood (pine, plywood) and anodized aluminum. To be noted that the speed/power will be different based on the support used, the research of the best couple must be done for each type of support.  


I was amazed by the quality of the engraving with an accuracy 0.08mm, the end stop switch facilitates the piece alignment and successive engraving at the same position (very useful for professional uses).

The focus makes the use so easier both in manual mode (by lowering or raising the head with precision through a wheel) or using the autofocus on the Z axis (optimal focus done automatically through a probe to detect the surface and automatically adjust the height as is done on 3D printers for bed levelling).

As the focus will be different if you are engraving or cutting, the manufacturer provided specific profiles for each modality on Lightburn or LaserGRBL, that allow smooth change in modality with “one click” autofocus.


The most remarkable dispositive is the Air assist system, that drastically reduces the staining of the material due to the fume. The advanced technology enables the spot reach up to 0.08 mm, and get much cleaner, thinner, smoother, deeper cuts.

I successfully cut in one passage 6mm plywood and 28mm pine with manual move of Z axis at each passage.


The TS2 Laser engraver, is equipped of passive and active safety device.

To prevent user injury, the probe that has a shield to prevent a ray from bouncing and hurting your eyes, the frontage displays a large red plexiglass that filters the light of the laser; allowing you to look at the engraving or cutting; without replacing the safety glasses offered by TwoTrees.

The probe is also equipped of a flame sensor coupled with an alarm lamp on the housing and a gyroscope to stop engraving in case of major 30-degree lift. However, in these cases only the laser is cut but not the machine and the gyroscope are not sensitive to lateral displacement. 

In any case, some security advice to avoid great damages: always keep your machine in sight and don’t let a job get done without your supervision. Some wood could have toxic component liberated when it is burns, use the machine in a ventilated place and wear a mask.



The TwoTrees TS2 is a solid, well-designed, performing and easy to use laser engraving machine. The automatic focusing system is a bonus and facilitate the switch from engraving to cutting modality and simplify the manipulation for the users. The large work surface opens prospects for mass engraving. Cutting and engraving can be combined in a single action with ease.

This is one of the most large, complete (serial features), accurate and user-friendly machine that I used so far. Its functionalities and design make it suitable for both professional and/or personal use.

TwoTrees considered the customer advice and comments on the TTS5 and made the TS2 one of the best machines in its category by improving both user security and machine quality.

Based on the TS2 quality and performance, it is worth the price, I can just recommend it.  

By Teddy Grd-Snr

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