TwoTrees TS2 20W Laser Engraver

The TwoTrees TS2  20W laser engraver/cutter is perfect for relatively DIY crafts. It can engrave wood, plastic, rubber, leather, and metal, and can cut 20mm soft wood with a single pass.


1. 20W laser power, more powerful than TS2 10W.

2. 410mm x 410mm larger size.

3. Z-axis autofocus.

4. Cutting 20mm plywood with one pass.

5. Strong stability design.

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The TwoTrees TS2 is a 20W laser engraver/cutter that’s perfect for a relatively small garage workshop like mine. It can engrave wood, plastic, rubber, leather, and metal, and can cut wood up to about 1/4″. It’s fantastic for making signs, stencils, plaques, awards, coasters, keychains, and more! It’s also capable of cutting out puzzle or flat-pack designs to create 3D objects from thin plywood!

@The Clack Shack Said:

The new Two Trees TS2 was sent to me to test, the machine is the first of the desktop machines that I have tested to have a powered z-axis and autofocus. After some use, the process makes focusing really easy and takes out the guesswork.  A little more testing and use of the TS2 has helped me get a working routine for the autofocus and Z axis. I am really enjoying this option… 

@Alexander Metzger Said:

In this video I push the limits of a diode laser and try to laser aluminum and steel in addition to 21mm wood.  I am really happy that this is such a good result. A good result that it is so easy to laser white into aluminum or steel I would not have believed before in this video.

@Dragoncut Said:

The TS2 from Two Trees, with 20W laser power and an ingenious automatic focus. Drag chains, end stops, wifi, and more. The biggest highlight for me is automatic focus.

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