TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro New Generation 20W Laser Engraver & Cutter

The TTS-20 Pro is a newly launched 20W laser engraver in 2023. Some unique features set it apart from the TTS-55 version:

1. Up to 500mm/s engraving speed, 20W powerful laser output, and 418mm*418mm working area.

2. New generation laser module: 40% lighter than before, COS chip upgrade.

3. 98% pre-assemble: avoid the annoying assembly, almost out of the box.

4. Size upgrade: The TTS-20 Pro has a 418mm*418mm working area, which is larger than the TTS-55 (300mm*300mm), but 40% lighter than the latter.

5. Up to 500 mm/s engraver speed, which is a 100% improvement from before.

6. Complimentary air assist pupm and honeycomb bench table.


Find Out What Influencers Have to Say About TTS-20 Pro

@The Clack Shack

The machine is rated at 20 watts and has a work area of 418×418. It does have limit switches to aid in smooth operation. The kit that I was sent contains the air assist and the honeycomb accessories for the machine. This is the most affordable laser that I have tested that I could see using in my shop full-time.


@Mark Gutierrez

The TwoTrees laser is pretty neat. What impressed me the most is that it’s 98 assembled, so when you open the box you just lift it out and you place it down on your table.


@Willi’s 3D-Druck

TwoTrees TTS 20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver is really fun. I am testing the TwoTrees TTS 20 Pro 20W laser engraver for you!


@NEWTech Creative

I’m really impressed with this machine, I did some research into seeing what type of machines you can get a 20 watts head laser plus a honeycomb with a protector underneath plus an air assist, and TTS-20 Pro is the cheapest so far that could do a decent size cut.


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