Wood Laser Cutter TS3- Your Best Choice to Laser Cut Wood

More and more DIY enthusiasts want the saftest desktop wood laser cutter for many wood DIY projects. 

When using or investing in a laser cutter, it’s important to know which kind to use with your project. Any laser cutter can cut wood, but not every laser is necessarily meant to. It’s always best to choose the right tool for the right job.

There are two main Options to choose from: CO2 and diode laser cutters. 


CO2 Laser Machine:
These laser cutters come in a multitude of sizes and powers. When it comes to working on wood, these machines are capable of marking, engraving, and cutting with amazing results.It is the most common type of laser machines on the market, and widely used by small businesses. If you want to mark, engrave, and cut wood, it’s best to think about committing to a CO2 laser.

Diode Laser Machines:

Diode laser engravers are pretty popular on the market because they are available at a very reasonable price and are ideal for starting a small business. These are mostly used by DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, small business owners, and professionals.
These lasers are available in red, blue, and green colors and are weaker compared to CO2 lasers. When working on wood, it’s best to use these laser cutter machines for etching and marking because of their power constraints.

 Some diode lasers are able to cut wood, but they’re usually limited to cutting thin and soft woods.

Safety Concerns

Laser safety is every users’ concern!

While certain machines aren’t as powerful as others, they all come with potential dangers. Always remember these lasers could possibly blind or burn you, so use proper personal protective equipment when necessary.

Which Wood Laser Engraver to Buy?

There are different types of lasers, and it becomes very hard for a beginner to choose a laser cutter is a big decision and it can be an expensive one.
There are several important factors to keep in mind when looking to get a laser cutter, including power, materials, lifespan, output power, speed, and price that you want to work with, where you want to buy it from, and how much you’re willing or able to pay.
Deciding between a diode laser and a CO2 laser is relatively straightforward: It’s best to purchase a diode laser if you’re only working on small wood projects that involve marking or cutting thin and soft materials.

Wood Engraving machine TS3 of Two Trees will be your best choice to laser cut wood. It can cut wood easily and quickly. It is one of the most versatile laser wood engraving machines that supports laser etching, laser engraving and cutting for multiple materials. It’s also one of the safest DIY laser engravers with all necessities you can imagine for your engraving projects.

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