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We are looking for dealers & distributors

3D printing is a booming & promising industry and we would like to invite teams and companies with passion and expertise in local marketing to join us to spread out the fun of DIY to more.

Healthy Competition

To obtain win-win result,we cooperate with only few dealers in each country to avaid destructive competition.

Strict Quality Control

Our higher quality standard and strict QC policy is conducted throught the whole supply chain from materials to finished products delivered to your hands.

Professional R&D Team

With 30+ technical and research staff and numerous assistants, leads brain storm and more inspiration.

Excellent Quality Service

We offer tailored and efficient market service to satisfy customers' needs; Considerate after-sales service is provided by well-trained team



  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Filament
  • Accessories
Professional 3D Printer Sappheiros Plus V1.1 Fast CoreXY Structure Large Scale 3D Printer
CoreXY 3D Printer Twotrees Sappheiros Pro High Resolution Professional Cube 3D Printer
Large 3D Printers
Desktop 3D Printer
BLU-3 V2
Enclosed Laser Engraver (2)
TOTEM S Home Laser Printer
TOTEM Small Laser Printer
Carboon Fiber Filament
wood filament
Wood Filament
Gradient Filament
Luminous Rainbow Filament
UV Light Filament
UV Light Filament
4401 Motor
4401 Motor
V-2040 Embedded Linear Rail
V-2040 Embedded Rail Profile
BIO-Based Photosensitive Resin
BIO-Based Photosensitive Resin
LCD Water Washable Resin
LCD Water Washable Resin
Rotation Module for Engraver
Rotation Module for Engraver
PEI Double-sided Magnetic Sticker
PEI Double-sided Magnetic Sticker
BMG Dual Extruder Drive
Dual Drive Extruder


“I think the Bluer Plus really like.
It works really well”


“I am always grateful to you and your company. Thanks to your bullying of aliens, I was able to sell a good 3D printer. My business is also expanding.”


“In my opinion, the Bluer Plus makes up for a lot of the shortcomings of the CR-10S PRO. The Bluer Plus is a very good printer, very interesting and impressived to me.”


Be A Dealer


We are looking for dealers who are willing to grow with us:

1. Dealers who value their customers and brand reputation as vein of their business and delivered only best value products and good user experience .

2. Dealers with passion, expertise and experice on expanding market and has strong recognition for our brand.

For yourself:
1. Our high quality standard , strict QC procedure and considerate after-sales service would save your brand from compaints and bad reviews so you can focus on marketing and growing your business.

2. Our professional service team and marketing materials would save you lots money on designing, video shooting,etc. 

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