In order to stimulate the internal creativity of TwoTrees, we held the first TwoTrees Halloween Employee Creativity Show from.

In the form of pictures or videos, Halloween related works produced by 3D printing or engraving were all welcomed and displayed in the community (specially established by the company), and finally the most popular work would be rewarded by voting.

The competition gained a positive response. Some people turn their creative ideas into reality by 3D printing or laser engraving. The following pictures are their works.

In order to make these pictures look less monotonous, we also wrote short but interesting stories for each work.


Then, for sharing the happiness, we decided to hold a Halloween creative competition for people from all over the world. The activity lasts for six days from October 22 to 27. The form of competition is to publish pictures or videos of 3D printed or carved works related to Halloween in the comment area of the post on Facebook. The one who can get the most praise will win the customized prize.

It can be said that this activity has perfect results——1000 likes and 11 outstanding works. Their works are shown below.


Finally, Rdb Twentse received most likes and he will be given TwoTrees customized baseball cap.

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