Two Trees TR2 Pro Laser Rotary for Laser Engraver

The 4-in-1 rotary module for laser engraver machine is a high-precision and easy-to-use product designed for the engraving needs of laser engraving enthusiasts, designers, small and micro enterprises, and carpenters.

  • Multi-functional: an engraving module that integrates four engraving functions: roller rotary, chuck rotary, sphere rotary, ring rotary. It can meet the clamping and engraving of various special-shaped workpieces, and solve the engraving needs of most users;
  • Easy assembly : Hand-tightening screws to assemble different components can realize fixed engraving of workpieces with different shapes;
  • Wide compatibility : Default 80CM two types of motor adapters are suitable for different types of engraving machine interfaces on the market;
  • Precise engraving : High-precision engraving can be achieved with different components


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